Urea is one of the most widely used nitrogen fertilizers, combining high lubrication units and ease of use. However, due to its composition, there are significant nitrogen losses after its application, which depend on soil and climatic conditions. These Nitrogen losses occur during the application of Urea to the soil, where a percentage is converted to gaseous ammonia, which is released into the atmosphere and a percentage to ammonia ions. This process, called urea hydrolysis, is catalyzed by the enzyme urease, which is produced by plants as well as soil bacteria. UTEC® is an urease inhibitor, thus slowing down the breakdown of Urea and consequently Nitrogen losses.

UTEC® is a ready-to-use liquid solution applied to Urea. Due to its liquid form, the coating of Urea granules is the maximum possible, resulting in our final product, UTEC 46, showing very high stability. This feature gives us the flexibility to store it for a long time without any loss of the active substance NBPT. This stability in UTEC 46 is maintained high even 100 days after the application of UTEC in Urea when stored in bulk or up to 180 days when stored in bags.

Modes of action

UTEC® is a Urease inhibitor, in liquid form, containing NBPT as active substance. NBRT temporarily blocks the action of Urease. It has a positive effect on the deceleration of the decay of Urea and consequently on the Nitrogen losses due to escape in gaseous form.

Mian advantages

The advantages of UTEC® 46 at first glance:

  • Great flexibility in time and method of application
  • The characteristic yellow color allows us to control its application in the field

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