The increase of crop yields and the high quality of the products produced depends on the harmonious and adapted to the requirements of the plants nutrition. To ensure the ideal nutritional balance, it is necessary to have an excellent knowledge of the special needs of each crop and to adapt the lubrication treatment to them. The design and development of the different types of Nitrophoska ® incorporates the knowledge and long experience of crop nutrition, from BASF research and experimentation at the Limburgerhof research center. In this way, products are produced adapted to the specific requirements of each crop, in order to ensure the balanced and harmonious nutrition of the plants.
Each grain of Nitrophoska® contains up to five macronutrients as well as the most important trace elements in forms directly assimilable by the plants that guarantee the excellent nutrition of the crop in all the critical phases of its development. The Nitrophoska ® S range includes types adapted to the needs of crops with special nutritional requirements such as arboriculture, viticulture and horticulture.

The products of the series Nitrophoska ® provide the possibility for complete and quality nutrition of the crops with all the nutrients necessary for healthy growth and high fruitfulness.

Mode of action

When fertilizing with Nitrophoska., In the immediate vicinity of the grain, an area is created where the nutrients contained in it are evenly and in assimilated form. This stimulates the formation of a dense network of root hairs that feeds plants and promotes the growth of both the above-ground and the underground part of the crop. The simultaneous existence in the “nutrient cage” of all nutrients in assimilable form, increases their activity, enhances the effectiveness of Nitrogen and ensures excellent and balanced nutrition of plants.

Main Advantages

Advantages of Nitrophoska ® fertilizers at first glance:

  • Nutritional composition adapted to the specific nutritional needs of each crop
  • Each grain contains all the nutrients necessary for a balanced plant nutrition
  • High efficiency and immediate action of nutrients
  • Increase production and improve the quality and organoleptic characteristics of products
  • Minimize nutrient losses
  • Saving applications
  • Excellent storage and dispersion properties during application (application width & gt; 40m)

 The Nitrophoska ® S range includes products ideal for the balanced nutrition of special and high-nutrient crops. The content and the form of the nutrients are perfectly adapted to the special requirements of these crops but also of any crop sensitive to the presence of chlorine.

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