Nitrogen is one of the three most important nutrients in agriculture, and is the main driving force for plant growth and fruitfulness. The excellent harmonization of nitrogen fertilization with the requirements of the plants throughout their biological cycle, has a decisive effect on the success of the crop and affects more than any other nutrient the height and quality of production.

Common fertilizers are unable to supply Nitrogen smoothly and based on the needs of the crops, as this element shows high mobility, continuous transformation and intense runoff to the deeper layers of the soil and the aquifer.

The new generation ENTEC® fertilizers, with the long-lasting Nitrogen due to the nitrification inhibitor they contain, minimize losses due to leaching and degassing, extend the residence time of Nitrogen in the soil and escalate its availability to the crop for a long time. ENTEC® fertilizers adapt the fertilization to the needs of the crop, maximize the utilization of Nitrogen by the plants and ensure higher and higher quality production.


ENTEC ® are inorganic nitrogen fertilizers, which contain the Ammonia Nitrogen Stabilizer, DMPP.

They slow down the nitration process by achieving the “stabilization” of Ammonia Nitrogen of the fertilizer in the soil.

In addition to the “stabilized” Ammoniacal Nitrogen, they also contain a quantity of Nitrogen Nitrogen for the rapid onset of action of the fertilizer and to meet the immediate needs of plants.

This means that plants are able to absorb both forms of Nitrogen for a long time, while improving their nutrition, and increasing the efficiency of fertilization.

ENTEC ® are available in the form of sulfur-containing nitrogen fertilizers as well as in the form of NP and NPK composite Nitrophos ® and Nitrophoska ®

All ENTEC ® products are characterized by their high quality granulation and excellent granulometry, in order to ensure their safe storage and their uniform dispersion during lubrication.

ENTEC® - the ammonia stabilizer DMPP

Ammonia Nitrogen is converted by nitrifying bacteria in the soil first to nitrite and then to nitrates. This conversion (Nitrification) is directly dependent on the physicochemical properties of the soil and the temperature, and takes place within a few hours or days. Due to Nitrification, regardless of the Nitrogen fertilization applied to the crop, the root of the plants finds in the soil only the Nitrogen form of Nitrogen available for absorption. This rapid change is slowed down by the use of an Ammonia Stabilizer, a substance that prolongs the Nitrification process.

ENTEC ® fertilizers prolong the Nitrification process, thus extending the residence time of Ammonia Nitrogen in the soil up to ten weeks. Its conversion to Nitrates continues uninterruptedly, but the reaction rate is slowed down and harmonized through the stabilizer with the temperature, so that the Nitrogen supply is automatically adjusted to the respective plant requirements. At the same time, during this period, Nitrogen is protected from leaching and from losses due to sublimation.

Mode of action

For a balanced crop nutrition it is especially important to have both forms of Nitrogen in the soil as plants have the ability to take advantage of both Nitric and Ammoniacal Nitrogen.
These two forms show different kinetic behavior on the ground. Ammonia adheres to the surface of clay and humus particles, thus reducing its mobility and drastically reducing its leaching to the deeper layers of the soil.
Its uptake by plants is done by ion exchange, as the growing root system comes in contact with soil microparticles.
In this way, the continuous supply of Nitrogen to the plants and the prolonged nutritional adequacy of the crop are ensured.
Nitrogen Nitrogen shows greater mobility in the soil and is absorbed faster by plants, as its uptake by roots takes place by natural flow through the soil solution.
This phenomenon, however, facilitates its movement to the lower soil layers and its leaching into the underground aquifer, especially in light sandy soils in areas with high rainfall and in crops with shallow and slow-growing root system.

Main Advantages

The advantages of ENTEC® fertilizers at a glance:
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  • Reliable Nitrogen supply, in all weather conditions
  • Save labor and reduce costs through a reduced number of applications
  • Quality and performance assurance
  • Better exploitation of Nitrogen due to reduced runoff and leaching to the deeper layers
  • Additional Nitrogen Nitrogen content for immediate availability to plants. Significant reduction in Nitrogen losses from
  • sublimation Complete supply of crops with Sulfur
  • Improving root system development
  • High quality dispersion, uniform grain-to-grain application

With their unique mechanism of action, the products ENTEC ® enable the flexible programming of nitrogen fertilization. On the one hand, they allow the one-time application of nitrogen to the crop, providing significant economic benefits to the farm due to reduced interventions and optimal utilization of Nitrogen. On the other hand, through early and one-off application, they ensure the continuous and excellent supply of plants with Nitrogen in any weather conditions (eg periods of humidity or drought).

The advantages of ENTEC® fertilizers are particularly important and usable in the whole range of arable crops, in modern arboriculture and viticulture as well as in the cultivation of horticultural and vegetable species.

The rich range of products ENTEC® offers the ideal solution for every type of agricultural holding and is easily integrated in all its lubrication management systems.

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