Contains a high amount of Potassium and Sulfur with type Potassium Sulfate 0-0-50 (+45) makes it ideal for fertilizing all crops. It has a low salinity index and is practically free of Chlorine. These characteristics make it particularly suitable for the soil and climatic conditions of our country.

  • The outstanding features of KALISOP®,
    allow its application throughout the period
    of the year.
  • Particularly suitable for both basic and
    surface lubrication.
  • Available in granular form, for direct
    application in soil or for the production of mixed
    fertilizers (bulk blends), and powder for raw material
    in the fertilizer industry.
  • The dosage of potassium sulfate depends on
    available quantity of exchangeable potassium at
    soil, the type of crop and the expected
    quantity of production

Approved by the European Union for use in Organic Agriculture.