ENTEC® 40 (+5S)

Fertilizer with 46 units of Nitrogen.

ENTEC 40, is a granular fertilizer that is characterized by high solubility and meets all the requirements to ensure their safe storage and uniform dispersion during fertilization. It belongs to the ENTEC-N category of fertilizers, it creates stable bonds with soil colloids, thus prolonging its stay in the root zone, increasing its availability to plants and preventing the loss of fertilizer to the deeper layers. Advantages of ENTEC 40: Saving and reducing labor costs through the reduced number of applications. Allows one-time application. Better utilization of Nitrogen due to reduced runoff to the deeper layers of the soil. Application under any weather conditions. Improving root system development and high quality of dispersion. Quality guarantee from EUROCHEM. Ideal for surface fertilization of all crops and all soils.

Storage instructions

Store in a dry and sun protected environment. Keep away from
children and pets. The fertilizer should not be discharged into drains and open water surfaces. Keep
the fertilizer covered and close the package tightly after use. Application: 1-3 times in a culture
period. The application dosage is determined by the needs of the crop and the
must be taken into account soil nutrient content and previous crops in order to avoid
overdose. The recommendations of the competent services and local agronomists should be taken
into account. Nitrification inhibitor fertilizers reduce the risk of nitrate leaching, enable
early application of the fertilizer and reduction of the applied nitrogen. The action of the inhibitor
nitration depends on climatic and soil conditions and can last from 4-10 weeks