NITROPHOSKA® solub, water-soluble fertilizers for maximum yield from EUROCHEM


NITROPHOSKA® solub is a complete range of fully water-soluble crystalline fertilizers, designed to provide solutions to hydro-lubrication, without the need to mix different types of fertilizers.

Hydro-fertilization provides significant water savings and rational use in the amount of fertilizers. In addition, it contributes to the optimal nutrition of the crops, resulting in an increase in yields and quality. However, the use of fertilizers in drip irrigation requires fertilizers that are completely soluble in water and free of foreign bodies, in order to avoid clogging the irrigation system.

Effective utilization of nutrients

The types of NITROPHOSKA® solub contain macronutrients and micronutrients and are completely free of diuretics and chlorides, thus contributing to the efficient absorption and utilization of nutrients.

NITROPHOSKA® solub enables the complete and balanced growth of fruits, vegetables, and other intensive crops.


Main Advantages

. Types of fertilizers adapted to the needs of the crop

► Quality raw materials, free from chlorine and other harmful elements for crops

. Fast and complete solubility in water

Μένη Balanced and complete supply of nutrients to plants, with formulas adapted to each stage of development (formulas for root system development, for the initial stages of growth, weight gain and maturation, etc.)

► With trace elements (in EDTA chelate), magnesium, boron and sulfur

Ό Their acidic nature prevents the blockage of the irrigation system and promotes the assimilation of nutrients

► Available in bags of 25 kg


Guaranteed Composition (%)

pinakas 4.1

pinakas 4.2


Mixing incompatible fertilizers in the same container may cause agglomerates to appear or reduce solubility. Phosphorus and sulfur fertilizers must be dissolved separately from calcium and magnesium fertilizers. Never mix them with calcium nitrate and / or magnesium nitrate. Sediment can also form in water with a high calcium content, so it is recommended to test it.

Types and Recommended Periods of Application


IT NITROPHOSKA® solub 7+12+40 | Type recommended for maturation and final stage of cultivation, in crops where potassium requirements are high

IT NITROPHOSKA® solub 12+6+36 | Type suitable for applications from the stage of flowering to the formation of fruits, to increase the size, quality and weight

IT NITROPHOSKA® solub 13+40+13 | Type designed for the growth of buds, roots, shoots and leaves, especially during the first weeks of the germination cycle and to stimulate flowering in our crop .

IT NITROPHOSKA® solub 20+20+20 | Type for floral and vegetative balance, or for the correction of nutritional deficiencies.

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